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Authentic Italian Cuisine

Welcome to Carlo's Kitchen, Pinseria, and Gourmet Shop!

About Us

Carlo's Kitchen is a vibrant Italian Pinsa haven nestled in Tallinn, passionately dedicated to reviving the ancient Roman art of Pinsa. Led by Chef Carlo, our menu harmonizes tradition and innovation, boasting a tantalizing Pinsa crust made from a blend of premium flours, paired with locally sourced, handpicked toppings. With a warm ambiance and a commitment to quality, our inviting space welcomes friends and families to savor the rich flavors of Italy in every bite. Join us at Carlo's Kitchen for an unforgettable culinary experience that honors tradition while embracing modernity. Buon Appetito!


Tears came to my eyes while eating because the food was so good that it brought back memories of life in Rome.


I had a pinsa, which was delicious, plus a great chat with the Italian owner/chef and his Estonian partner while I was waiting.


The best Tiramisú and cannoli In all Europe. The pinsa is exceptionally good and the service is incredible.


Very good authentic pizza & excellent service!

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